Simple Video Scalar

Convert RGB SCART and SCART to a VGA PC type signal.

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£59.00 tax incl.

  • Convert RGB SCART and standard SCART to a VGA PC type signal.
  • Ideal for monitors and displays with no SCART input.
  • Auto detection of RGB SCART. No user intervention required.
  • Compatible with both PAL and NTSC sources.
  • Ideal for Sky, Freeview and games consoles such as PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 etc.
  • Easy to use.


Use your PC monitor as a display for SCART sources. The Simple Video Scalar allows you to use a wide variety of monitors, projectors, plasma screens and TFTs with standard video sources, SCART sources or even high quality RGB SCART sources. The Simple Video Scalar operates with displays that have VGA / PC inputs.


The Simple Video Scalar converts interlaced video to progressive such that video can be displayed on screens with a VGA / PC input. It operates by a process called de-interlacing. Whereby it converts the interlaced picture of a TV broadcast, or video cassette or DVD, to produce a full "progressive" picture.


The Simple Video Scalar is compatible with both NTSC and PAL resolution of 480i and 576i outputs its progressive equivalent of 480p and 576p.