Component (YUV) to RGB (SCART) /VGA Converter

Component (YUV) to RGB (SCART) /VGA Converter
Apple TV V1 compatible - converts the component video output for use with existing TVs via the RGB SCART input.

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This product has been updated to be SCART only and can be ordered here: Component (YUV) to RGB SCART.   It is the same product, but without VGA output.   For VGA output please also cnosider our YUV HD to VGA with VGA Passthough converter as this allows for 720p and 1080p conversion.
Last few remaining that include the VGA output.   Please note that either 480p or 576p video input is requried for VGA output.
  • Apple TV V1 compatible - converts the component video output for use with existing TVs via the RGB SCART input.
  • Apple TV V1 to SCART - See our guide.
  • Input of Component YUV / Y,PbPr in either progressive or interlaced format.
  • RGB output on SCART for interlaced video
  • VGA output for progressive video - ideal for plasma screens and projectors that do not have a progressive component input.
  • High bandwidth conversion process for sharp detailed picture.
  • Convenient connections to existing equipment - phono input for component and audio, VGA or SCART connectors for output.
  • Computer enhanced broadcast quality synchronisation extraction, compatible with copy protected sources.
  • Compatible with both NTSC and PAL formatted YUV video.
  • Audio is passed through without modification to ensure optimum audio quality.


Not every display has a component (YUV/YPbPr) input, or a sufficient number of such inputs, but most TVs will have an RGB SCART input. Some screens have a VGA PC input, but lack the ability to accept progressive component video. The Component (YUV) to RGB (SCART)/VGA provides an effective solution both problems.


 For a standard component video, interlaced not progressive, the SCART output is ideally suited for connection to a display. Using high quality RGB SCART input, the screen can be adapted to accept component video without loss of picture quality in the conversion process.


Where a screen doesn't allow for progressive component video input, this can be converted to VGA for use with the PC input. Screens such as Plasmas , projectors, and LCDs can benefit. Simply connect the converter between source and display to enable viewing of progressive video, without sacrificing picture quality.   For High Definition Component YUV please consider our YUV HD to VGA with VGA Passthough converter.


The conversion process uses high quality discrete components to ensure that picture detail is preserved. Computer controlled Anti-Sag technology ensures that the picture is stable for both progressive and non-progressive inputs. Additionally, the converter's VGA output offers true H-Sync output at broadcast precision.


Measuring just 150x85x48mm with a high quality integrated power supply, the Component (YUV) to RGB /VGA converter is compact and easy to use.


Utilising the same high-quality multi-layer fibreglass PCB construction as other J.S. Technology products, and with components from some of the world's leading manufacturers, this level of quality and detail is not often found at any level.   Designed and manufactured by J.S. Technology in the UK.