HDMI to YUV / YPbPr 720p or 1080p Converter

HDMI to YUV / YPbPr 720p or 1080p Converter

Converts an HDMI connection to YUV/YPbPr Component with fixed 720p or 1080p output.

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£69.00 tax incl.

Please also see our other HDMI to YUV/YPbPr Component converter.
  • Converts an HDMI connection to a YUV/YPbPr Component type connection.
  • Switchable outputs of 720p or 1080p.
  • Zoom function on output to remove black borders.
  • Automatic setup - no user intervention required.
  • Ideal for Plasma screens, Projectors and LCD's with no HDMI input.
  • Up to 1080p Full HD supported
  • Stereo Audio output Easy to use.


The converter is similar to the other HDMI to YUV / YPbPr converter but has a fixed output of either 720p or 1080p.   Some component inputs can not work at 1080p any longer, so 720p is requried.   Without this option it may be difficult to change to 720p as the source might force 1080p.   Using the button to switch resolutions is a quick and effective solution.


In some cases there may be a black border around the output screen.   With this converter there is also the option of pressing the “zoom” button to increase the overall size of the output image to cover those borders.


Most High Definition (HD) video sources are supplied with only an HDMI output. This is a problem if your Plasma screen, Projector or LCD TV doesn't support HDMI. One solution is to use the HDMI to YUV converter.


The HDMI to YUV converter enables existing displays to become HDMI compatible by acting as an interface, decoding the HDMI and outputting YUV / YPbPr / Component video. This is then suitable for connection to your TV's existing YUV / YPbPr / Component video input.


Connecting your HD source to your Plasma screen, Projector or LCD TV is simple. Just connect the HD source to the converter with an HDMI lead and connect from the converter to the display using a 'Three Phono' lead for video and a 'Two phono' lead for audio. If you have a surround sound system then digital audio is connected directly from your source to your amplifier by-passing the converter.