RGB (SCART) to HDMI to Component (YUV) Bundle

RGB (SCART) to HDMI To Component (YUV) Bundle

Convert RGB SCART to Component Via HDMI - Includes up-scaling.   With Free HDMI interconnection lead

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Offering the same fuctionality as our now ended analog RGB to Component Covnerter but with added benefit of video up-scaling.

  • Compatible with RGB from any source, such as a DVD player, Sky Digibox, Freeview box, or Digital Cable.
  • Output of high quality Component (YUV) Video.   YUV is also known as Y, Pb, Pr and Y, Cb, Cr.
  • Allows switching via an A/V amplifier that supports Component (YUV) Video.
  • Convenient connections to existing equipment - SCART input, HDMI interconnection, phono output.
  • Bundle of two separate converters with Free HDMI interconnection lead:


Since production ceased of our analogue RGB SCART to Component converter we’ve been asked if there’s a solution.   There is: convert to HDMI and then back out to component.   We’ve decided to offer two converters in a bundle, with a free HDMI interconnection lead.


Our SCART to HDMI converter is a high quality converter, and the HDMI to YUV converter is able to offer a fixed output resolution.   Together they offer an excellent solution to connecting SCART based equipment to modern component inputs.


Please see the individual converter pages for more information on each specific converter.