MetroBaby™, the game for entertaining and distracting babies and toddlers.


MetroBaby is the ideal app when you’re out and about and need to entertain a baby or toddler, or need to calm them down after a fall, MetroBaby will help you. Even if you’re just the uncle, aunt or family friend helping out, MetroBaby is the application that you can easily carry with you for entertaining and distracting them.

Babies and toddlers are bundles of energy. They’ll jump from one toy to the next and back again. What’s telling is that when they’ve been playing with MetroBaby and they move on to another toy for a moment, they come back and point at the iPhone wanting to see MetroBaby again. They love repetition.

But the most remarkable thing about MetroBaby, and something that to be honest we couldn’t have imagined, was using it to calm a baby after a fall. You can try the soft toys but they don’t work, but MetroBaby does. Not just once, but every time after a bump or fall when the baby is starting to cry we’ve taken out MetroBaby and showed it. Instantly they want to play with the app, and instantly they’re forgetting about why they were crying. It really is quite amazing.

See the demo on YouTube:

MetroBaby Information.


MetroBaby™ is the app to entertain, distract, calm and amuse babies and toddlers with its cartoon animals, interactive animation and real animal audio.



Hold the iPhone to the child and show them how to tap on each animals and they'll soon be imitating the sounds.   It's amazing how quickly a child learns to interact with MetroBaby!


Distressed babies can even just be calmed by watching the MetroBaby tiles changing colours.   Older ones will interact.   With an adult using MetroBaby as an educational tool they'll quickly learn the names of animals.   Try asking your baby to press one of the four presented on the screen by name and watch them learn!   It really is amazing.


Initially you have access to the smaller game:



In the small game you have four animals as standard:


image003.png  image004.png 
 image005.png  image006.png


with another TEN available to purchase:


 image007.png  image008.png  image009.png  image010.png  image011.png
 image012.png  image013.png  image014.png  image015.png  image016.png


Further, with the one-time only purchase you'll receive access to the full MetroBaby game and several other fun games to entertain babies and toddlers as they grow.   With extra difficulties these games are ideal for interaction between the adult and child, aiding their education and development.


Match Six and Match 12

 image017.jpg  image018.jpg


Match game is a memory game to match animals in each square.   With two variants of 6 and 12 tiles for that added difficulty.


Tile Shuffle 



Shuffle Tile aids picture recognition to rebuild an image of an animal.   Shuffle the squares back in to position to build the animal again.





Raindrops game bolsters coordination as child learns to tap at a falling raindrop to release an animal trapped inside.




Share MetroBaby on Facebook.   It’s easy, just share from the main page tapping the Facebook button.




Babies and toddlers love MetroBaby.   Also tested on grandparents.  

Available from the App Store™:




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