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Struggle to remember your PIN number?   Who can with bank cards, credit cards, alarm codes, door entry codes, and every other code you need in daily life!

Noting them in a list is silly.   Using a contact number in your phone is ok, but there are only a few digits to hide your important information in.   Yes, you can use some sort of mnemonic to rhyme with your codes if you can remember that too!   What’s required is something that you can easily refer to.   Something that doesn’t require remembering a song, nursery rhyme or other cryptographic technique.   You just need the numbers!

PIN Store doesn’t store your PIN numbers, but rather a grid which contains your numbers.   Once entered only you know where those numbers are.   In a 10 x 10 grid there’s plenty of space to hide a 4 digit code, and only you know where they are.   Only you know that the code starts at 4 across, 7 down, and goes up to the right.   It’s easy, yet far more secure than create lists or faking contacts that contain the PIN!


It's a very simple app:

PIN Store App


Selecting Add you then enter your PIN number and position it somewhere within the ramdomised grid.   At this stage it shows in colours where your number is, and you pick a place you will know.  Say two in, three down, at 45 degree down angle.


Adding PIN Numbers


Then when you need to display the PIN number you get a grid of numbers but only you know where in that grid is you PIN number.   You PIN is hidden in plain sight.


PIN Store showing PIN Grid


Security of your PIN is key.   PIN Store only stores the grid of numbers, it doesn't remember where you put your PIN number within that grid.   It doesn't share these grids with anybody or any other app either.   Even the grids are stored in an area of the iOS device which isn't normally user accessable.


PIN Store is available on the Apple App Store:


PIN Store on the Apple App Store


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