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In the spring of 2000, the RGB to S-Video Converter was launched in the UK and was immediately well received by the Home-Cinema market. Designed to provide an effective solution to connect Digital TV to Home-cinema equipment, it has led the way in its field. This was recognised by Scottish Innovation who awarded the RGB to S-Video converter a "John Logie Baird Award for Innovation", and by What Video & TV who awarded the unit a "Best Buy".


The RGB to Plasma VGA unit was requested by a number of RGB to S-Video customers who wished the best possible connection to their plasma screens.   Customer feedback is an important aspect of J.S. Technology and one that we will always embrace.   J.S. Technology worked with our customers to help provide the best possible interface.   Plasma screen owners demand the best and J.S. Technology worked with the semiconductor manufacturers to ensure a high quality, but unique and reliable design.


Innovation and Unique designs are key to J.S. Technology products.   Always original, you can be assured that these products are innovative and provide a solution to an A/V problem that we've been the first to identify and solve.


The founder of the company, Dr John Sim BEng (Hons), has been involved in electronics for over fourteen years and has recently gained a doctorate in electronics and compliance engineering.   Previously he has worked for Motorola cellular phone division and Comware products division.


Dr John Sim at University of Paisley

John Sim using one of the high performance workstations at the University of Paisley during his Ph.D. The project, An Investigation on the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Properties of Modern Microcontrollers, was sponsored by Motorola.

 Quality built in.


Quality must be designed in to a product from the start; it can not be "inspected" for at the end of production. The difference is J.S. Technology always design with quality in mind. At J.S. Technology we design to a high standard, and then produce our products to a similar standard. We are proud to state that we design in the UK and our designs are built in the UK.


PCB Quality always built in


Our customers demand quality. For J.S. Technology quality starts with the design of the unit. At J.S. Technology, we select some of the best components available from around the world for use in our designs. Right from the start, we demand a high quality Printed Circuit Board and only a glass fibre one will meet our quality requirement, not the inferior paper based boards often found where price dictates over quality. Many of the components found within our designs are sourced from world leaders in their fields.


Karen production manager

Production quality is monitored by Karen, our production manager.


At J.S. Technology we've always been concerned about the environment. While it is fashionable in the current political climate to appear to be "green" and reduce your "carbon footprint", J.S. Technology has always looked to minimise inefficiencies in our processes and material use. Many of our design choices are to ensure that any part we use is required, otherwise it's just waste and waste is simply the worst possible problem for the environment. Our products are designed to use as little power as possible, reducing their impact on our global power requirements.


With recent RoHS legislation the use of lead has been banned in consumer electronics amongst other materials covered by RoHS legislation. At J.S. Technology we changed to a lead-free process a year in advance of these regulations being brought in to force in the UK. Using lead-free solder is not without its problems; lead allows for a lower temperature process. Working with our solder suppliers we were able to adapt our process to produce high quality reliable products without the use of lead within solder.


Lead free soldering process

We do not use lead solder in our products.


Packaging is the next area where legislation will affect the use of all goods sold within the European Union. At J.S. Technology we've always felt that since packaging is normally disposed off, it should be made from as much recyclable material as possible. Rather than using plastic to pack our products, we opt for cardboard boxes. These boxes can be recycled, or if disposed of are biodegradable. For larger orders we reuse as much of the packing our component suppliers have used as possible. Re-use is the most effective form of recycling.


Cardboard boxes are better for the environment

We use environmentally friendly packaging.


WEEE is one area of latest legislation for electronics manufacturers. Simply put, manufacturers and importers of electronic goods are now to be responsible for their disposal at end of life. While the current UK government's policy remains unclear, we will accept units in the spirit of the WEEE legislation that are returned to us.


Technical Support.


Support is always available, both pre and after sales.   We have a comprehensive technical section for you to refer to, based upon our experience and customer feedback.   For a technical inquiry, just email.   It is helpful if you detail the equipment that you have as a source and destination.


We cannot provide technical support for other manufacturer's products. While we do understand how frustrating it is when you can't get help from them, we can only refer you back to them for that support. We can only offer support for J.S. Technology products and their use.


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