RGB (SCART) to S-Video Converter

RGB (SCART) to S-Video Converter

V2 SPEC B VERSION - Improved picture quality.

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  • V2 SPEC B VERSION - Improved picture quality.
  • Input of RGB from a DVD player, Sky Digibox, FreeView, Digital Cable, or any other domestic RGB video source.
  • RGB Pass-through - Keep RGB fed to your TV while still having an S-Video output, idea for dual viewing or recording.
  • Improved S-Video picture quality via SCART connector, optional adaptor available for 4-pin mini-DIN.   See Cables section.
  • Wide Screen Switching on SCART outputs - Pin-8 Switching still present.
  • Record to S-VHS and D-VHS via the RGB to S-Video converter from digital TV.
  • Audio is passed through without modification to ensure optimum audio quality.
  • Ideal for use with video capture devices.
  • Compact design, integrated power adaptor and a low cost solution.


The original and best just got better.   Improved circuitry to give superior picture quality, wide screen switching and RGB Pass-through gives you more features and flexibility, not only for how you connect your system up today, but also in the future.   But we've kept what our customers always appreciated about J.S. Technology products, a high quality design built to a very high standard.   There is no comparison.


The RGB to S-Video converter is the solution to connecting Digital Set-top Boxes (Sky Digital, FreeView and digital cable) to home Audio-Visual (AV) equipment, or "home-cinemas".   While connection of composite video is possible, the picture quality is poor.   RGB connection is not supported by all AV amplifiers and video recorders.   The only solution is S-Video - the connection for AV amplifiers, receivers, S-VHS / D-VHS / DVD-R recorders, projectors, LCDs TVs and plasma panels.


Now with RGB Pass-through, you can have two viewing devices, such as a TV and projector, connected concurrently.   Even connecting a S-VHS, D-VHS or DVD-R is now possible while still being able to watch RGB on your TV.


Wide Screen Switching information via SCART Pin-8 information allows aware TVs and video recorders to retain this information.   Ideal where your VCR is wide screen aware.*


The RGB to S-Video converter connects to DVD players or Digital Set-top Box's RGB output via a SCART connection.   The converted picture is available via SCART or with the use of an optional adaptor a 4-pin mini-DIN connector.   For optimum audio quality, the audio is passed directly to the output connectors.


The unit is self contained and doesn't require any user intervention. Just plug in and get converted!


*Not all systems are compatible with pin 8 switching, some combinations of VCR and TV may not allow simultaneous widescreen switching.