HDMI to SCART Converter

Connect HDMI to a SCART type input.

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  • Converts HDMI to SCART (Composite).
  • Auto set up—no user intervention required.
  • Ideal for TVs / Projectors / flat screen TVs with no HDMI input.
  • Up to 1080p Full HD supported.
  • Stereo Audio output.
  • Ideal for use with Apple TV V2, V3 etc.
  • Includes Mains PSU.
  • Easy to use.


The HDMI to SCART Converter is the ideal way to add an HDMI input to a display which has a SCART type input.   With this converter it is possible to add an HDMI connection to displays and systems which do not have an HDMI input.

The converter has only one input connection, the HDMI input.   Typical sources are: 

  • Apple TV.
  • Blu Ray Player.
  • DVD player.
  • Sky HD.
  • Virgin Media.
  • Freeview.
  • Games Consoles.

 Output from the converter is via a SCART connector, which carries both video and audio.