Simple Video Scalar, Spec B

Converts Composite, S-Video, Component or RGB SCART to a VGA PC type signal.

More details

  • Imporved picture sharpness.
  • Added compatibility with a selection of input signal types.
  • Converts Composite, S-Video, RGB SCART, RGsB Sync-on-Green, or Component (YPbPr)  to a VGA PC type signal.
  • Allows video connection to most good quality PC monitors
  • Ideal for Retro and Vintage computers.
  • One button to change video input modes.
  • Compatible with both PAL and NTSC sources.
  • Ideal for Sky, Freeview and games consoles such as PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 etc.
  • Easy to use.


Use your PC monitor as a display for a variety of standard definition video sources. The Simple Video Scalar allows you to use a wide variety of monitors, projectors and TFTs with standard video sources such as composite or S-Video, SCART sources or even high quality RGB SCART and YPbPr component video sources. The Simple Video Scalar operates with displays that have VGA / PC inputs.


The Simple Video Scalar converts interlaced video to progressive such that video can be displayed on screens with a VGA / PC input. It operates by a process called de-interlacing. Whereby it converts the interlaced picture of a TV broadcast, or video cassette or DVD, to produce a full "progressive" picture.


Idea for use with Retro or Vingate Computers to allow for a modern monitor to be used.   The added variety of input types with the Spec B enabling many more types of sources to be de-interlaced and displayed on a good quality PC monitor.


The Simple Video Scalar is compatible with both NTSC and PAL resolution of 480i and 576i outputs its progressive equivalent of 480p and 576p.