Master SCART Controller (Switcher)

Adds extra full function SCART to any system.

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  • Transparent full RGB SCART Switching.
  • Winner of What Video & TV Accessory of 2005.
  • Adds extra full function SCART to any system.
  • Automatic Priority SCART switching - No extra remote controls.
  • Two inputs - The Master is in control, automatically switching over when required.
  • Widescreen and function switching supported.
  • Ideal means to add an extra input to your A/V system, especially where only one RGB input is available.
  • Compatible with RGB, S-Video and Composite from any source, and SCART based display.
  • For use with DVD players, Sky Digibox, Freeview, Digital Cable, XBox (and other games systems) or any other domestic video source.
  • One input for Digital TV, the "secondary" video source.
  • Master input for DVD or games system, the input which has priority.
  • Supplied with power supply.


The simple and easy way to add an extra SCART input to any system. Designed to solve one of the biggest problems in home-cinemas - how do you connect two sources in to the one input without sacrificing picture quality? The Master SCART Controller is an effective solution, automatically giving priority to the Master input when it's active. No more remote controls, no more buttons.


Compatible with SCART video sources, the Master SCART Controller (MSC) is the ideal way of adding an extra SCART input. The MSC is also compatible with RGB, S-Video and Composite video sources from DVD players, Satellite, Cable, Freeview, game consoles and others.


Use the secondary input with Digital TV, such as Sky or Freeview, and connect your DVD player or games console to the Master input. During normal viewing, the Master SCART Controller passes Digital TV through to your display. Switching on your DVD player or games system takes control, the Master is given priority and passed to your display. The change over of inputs is automatic, and switching off the DVD player or games machine will restore Digital TV.


Widescreen switching and function switching (for RGB) is switched to ensure normal operation from both sources. As would be expected, if the programme material is intended to be in widescreen, the indication is switched through. Function switching is also passed to ensure that if the display can automatically change over to RGB mode then it can from both sources.


Using high quality video switches, the switching function is transparent and picture detail is maintained. Using high bandwidth components ensures that all the picture detail is kept and not lost via the switching process. Without such a bandwidth, subtle detail would be lost.


Measuring just 120x98x45 mm with an external power supply, the Master SCART Controller is compact and easy to use.


Utilising the same high-quality multi-layer fibreglass PCB construction as other J.S. Technology products, and with components from some of the world's leading manufacturers, this level of quality and detail is not often found at any level. Designed and manufactured by J.S. Technology in the UK.