Active COMPONENT Buffer (Amplified splitter)

Active COMPONENT Buffer (Amplified splitter)

Dual Output from a single Component YUV / YPbPr source

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  • Dual Output from a single Component YUV / YPbPr source - ideal for Plasma / LCD and projector systems.
  • HD (High Definition) Compatible, including xBox 360 and Sky HD.
  • Input of Component YUV / YPbPr from any source such as DVD player or the RGB to Component (YUV) Converter.
  • Output of two high quality Component YUV / YPbPr copies of the input.   Correct levels are maintained.
  • Correct load to the source equipment - Does not overload the source equipment - a flaw of other solutions.
  • Output levels are the same as input levels - no loss or variations in brightness - again a flaw of other solutions.
  • Audio is fully buffered to maintain audio quality.
  • Can also be used for Composite video and other uses.


The Active Component Buffer is the solution to connecting two video displays from one source.   Each video output is a perfect copy of the input, all video and audio lines buffered.   The Active Component Buffer can be used with other J.S. Technology products as well as other manufacturers.


Superior to simple splitters which merely share the signal between your destinations and subsequently reduce the picture brightness and quality.   The Active Component Buffer regenerates the input video, restoring correct levels for distribution to your two displays.   This maintains the brightness of the picture, but also helps to isolate both displays.   The load on one will not affect the other.


Applications for the Active Component Buffer are endless.   As an example, if you have a projector and plasma screen, use the Active Component Buffer to keep both connected and reduce those hook-up nightmares!   Where you require two video outputs and wish to maintain picture quality, the Active Component Buffer is the solution.


For flexibility with your cabling requirements, the Active Component Buffer has three groups of five phono connectors.   One group of five is for YUV / YPbPr input with the remaining two for their respective outputs.   This allows for the use of our high quality leads or the flexibility to choose leads that meet your individual requirements.


The Active Component Buffer can also be used to distribute composite video.   Simply use the Y input for composite video.


Measuring just 120x98x45 mm with an external power supply, the Active Component Buffer is compact and easy to use.


Utilising the same high-quality multi-layer fibreglass PCB construction as other J.S. Technology products, and with components from some of the world's leading manufacturers, this level of quality and detail is not often found at any level.   Designed and manufactured by J.S. Technology in the UK.