Digital Audio Delay (Lip Sync)

Re-synchronise sound to vision.

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New Improved Version here:   Digital Audio Lip Sync Delay.
This is the original version, which has now been replaced with the linked version above.   The information below is for reference only.
  • Re-synchronise sound and vision.
  • Stores delay settings when switched off.   Updates available to current users, please contact.
  • Delays audio to compensate for video processing delay, solving lip-sync.
  • Digital optical input and output - the type typically found on most sources.
  • Corrects audio / picture sync for up to 340ms (0.34 seconds).
  • LCD screen shows current input and delay.
  • Easy to use with user control to increase and decrease delay.
  • Compatible with CD, DVD, Dolby Digital and DTS audio.


Frustrated that you hear speech before you see lips move or the beat of a drum before drummer's strike? Modern displays process the picture before displaying it, resulting in a small delay before you see the picture. A similar delay for the audio is required to maintain lip-sync and the Digital Audio Delay is the solution. By delaying audio by the same amount as the picture you can re-synchronise audio to picture.   You can regain lip-sync.


Two buttons give full user control to adjust the delay, up or down as required. With a built-in LCD display it's easy to adjust the length of delay and monitor status of the Digital Audio Delay. Adjust from a delay of 0 to 340ms in 5ms intervals, a range which will cover the majority of scenarios with sufficient resolution.


NEW - With the latest version of the firmware, the controlling software, the current audio delay setting is kept after power-off.   We can also offer this improvement to existing owners.   Please contact for upgrade details as the upgrade can only be performed at our laboratory.


TOSLINK optical input and output is suitable for most sources including DVD, XBox, Sky and Freeview (available in some Freeview set top boxes).


Includes required power supply.


Digital optical cables suitable for use with the Digital Audio Delay are available in the cables section.


What HiFi say: "Few things in AV are as annoying as lip-sync errors. It makes all movies seem badly dubbed. And if your amp hasn't got the facility to fix it, you're stuck. Unless you get this JS Tech digital audio delay unit. It's a simple box with just three connections: an optical in / out plus a power supply input. The unit is easy to use: the two buttons on the front adjust the delay up to 340ms."


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