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HDMI High Speed V1.4 2.0m Lead

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2m HDMI High Speed V1.4 leads for high quality high-definition video transmission including 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 4k and 3D.   Ideal for connecting up to the TV.


HDMI is a digital connection.   It's like copying one CD file to another - the sound quality remains the same.   Same too with HDMI, as long as a good connection is made the video and audio is exactly the same from whichever cable you buy.   In our HDMI guide (see A/V Guides section) we compare a Branded lead against unbranded and find no different in picture quality.


So what should you look for in a HDMI lead?   We've always said that you can go too cheap with leads where they fall appart, but never before with A/V leads is it easy to spend too much on such leads.   We believe these leads offer excellent build quality at the right price.


These leads offer excellent performance delivering an ideal transmission path from source to destination without creating sparkles on the display. These leads have a standard HDMI plug at either end. Constructed with gold plated connectors and from high quality screened cable, these should not be confused with inferior low quality brands.


As cable lengths increase, it is vitally important that the quality of the cable used is of a high standard. A poor quality cable will at best give sparkles on the picture; at worst they will not work at all. This is why we stock this type of cable as we have found, through testing, these to offer the necessary performance levels.