HDMI to Composite Converter with L&R Audio

Converts an HDMI connection to a Composite phono type connection.

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£32.50 tax incl.


  • Converts an HDMI connection to Composite Video with phono type connection.
  • Automatic HDMI setup - no user intervention required.
  • Selectable for PAL / NTSC (UK & Europe / USA).
  • Ideal for TVs with no HDMI input.
  • Up to 1080p Full HD supported.
  • Stereo Audio output.
  • Easy to use.


Most High Definition (HD) video sources are supplied with only an HDMI output. This is a problem if your TV doesn't support HDMI. One solution is to use the HDMI to Composite converter.


The HDMI to Composite Converter with L&R Audio enables existing displays to become HDMI compatible by acting as an interface, decoding the HDMI and outputting standard composite video. This is then suitable for connection to your TV's existing phono video or SCART input using a suitable lead or adaptor.


Using the converter is easy. Select either PAL or NTSC, (UK / Europe PAL is the prefered option) for the video standard on the output.   Connect the source to the converter via HDMI, and the output is availble on a standard phono connection.   On the source the video resolution can be up to 1080p, although we recommend using a lower resolution if availble simply as the converter will use less power for a lower resolution.


Connecting your HD source to your Plasma screen, Projector or LCD TV is simple. Just connect the HD source to the converter with an HDMI lead and connect from the converter to the display using a 'Three Phono' lead for video and a 'Two phono' lead for audio. If you have a surround sound system then digital audio is connected directly from your source to your amplifier by-passing the converter.