TestCard ProHD Calibration Filter

Blue filter for use with testcards

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When using TestCard ProHD or other colour testcards generators it's often necessary to use a blue filter.   This filter is ideal for use with TestCard ProHD, the J.S. Technology app for iOS devices, or can be used with other calibration sources.


Some testcards should be used with a blue filter and the instructions within the app will describe how to use the filter when required.   There are many suppliers of suitable filters and perhaps the easiest to find is the “071 Tokyo Blue” from “Lee Filters”.    Tokyo Blue filter gels are often supplied in large sheets for use on lighting rigs.


We cut down a sheet of Tokyo Blue to a more manageable size of approximately 210x99mm, or one third the size of an A4 sheet.   This allows us to dispatch using regular postal services globally, keeping shipping costs low.   Although cut down, it's generous size makes viewing through the filter easy.