HDMI HD Video Capture Pro

HDMI Recording / capture to USB Flash drive or Hard disc.

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£124.17 tax incl.

  • HDMI HD Stand-alone video recording / capture —No computer required.
  • 720/1080 user selectable.
  • HDMI or Component video—adaptor lead supplied.
  • Ideal for with PVRs, Games Consoles, or other HD sources.
  • Compatible with External Hard or Flash USB drives.
  • Remote Controlled.
  • Easy to use.


This is a standalone video capture device which is able to record HDMI or Component video to a USB Flash or Hard Drive, without the need for a PC.

Recordings from this device can then be edited on a PC or Mac using a variety of editing suites. Or for simple playback, the device can be used to play back recordings without being edited.

The recorder has two inputs, the HDMI input and the A/V Input (Component or Composite video with audio). Typical sources are:

  • Blu Ray or DVD Players.
  • Sky HD.
  • Virgin Media.
  • Freeview.
  • Games Consoles.

For A/V input, an adaptor to phono socket lead is provided. The recorder can use either A/V input, or HDMI input and only one should be connected at a time. Output from the recorder is a single HDMI connection to the screen.

An external Flash drive/key or Hard Disc is required to be connected to the "HOST" terminal.